Brian Shure is a painter and printmaker working with representations of people in public spaces.  He received a BA from Antioch College, apprenticed with Ernest DeSoto at Collectors Press in San Francisco and worked as a professional lithographer for 15 years.  He has published and printed editions under the Smalltree Press imprint, and was a Master Printer and Coordinator of the China Woodblock Program at Crown Point Press from 1987 to 1994.  His etchings of Ise-Jingu were printed in 2000 when he was a resident artist at Tokugenji Press in Nara, Japan.  In 2004 he completed a group of murals for the Pittsburgh Federal Courthouse.  In the winter of 2013 he created a suite of prints while in Residence at David Krut Projects at Arts on Main, in Johannesburg, South Africa, and in the summer of 2015 he researched the woodblock process and completed a print project at Rongbaozhai in Beijing. 

He has taught as a visiting artist at Brown and Cornell Universities, has given workshops in the U.S., Japan, and Mexico, and has been teaching in the Printmaking Department at the Rhode Island School of Design since 1996.  He is a member of the advisory board of Highpoint Press in Minneapolis, MN.   He is the author of two books on the technique of chine collé: Magical Secrets about Chine Collé, and Chine Collé, A Printer’s Handbook.

He is currently represented by Katharina Rich Perlow Gallery in New York and Lenore Gray Gallery in Providence, RI.